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  About Us
  Dreaming Design's French born founder, Stephane Masetto, arrived in London in January 2000.

He was ready for the new millennium and new challenges.

In France, he has developed a video game project awarded by Virtools, video game level building software, and Ciber Defi, a governmental award for young e-entrepreneur.

In addition to video game level design, skills gained during this period includes scenario scriptwriting, illustration and static/animated web design.

In London, he became art director of Francophony Magazine between 2001 and 2006. This task included doing articles and directing other journalists, photo shoots, advertisings, page making, liaising with printer and arranging delivery.

He also designed logos, websites and other promotional material.

E-show and e-radio were added to the website.

Companies such as Ubi soft (leading video game company), Ryanair and Eurostar had their advertising done by Dreaming Design.

The quality of design did attract the attention of many and the company had an increasing number of orders for design and Dreaming Studio was born.

Dreaming Design portfolio's strengthened with packaging and e-commerce website.

Dreaming Design grew steadily until it became an independent entity in 2006 when the magazine stopped.